FAR TO GO is clean, crisp, and unencumbered. Pick never dwells for too long in an image or metaphor, and she creates small moments that are both lovely and frightening…It’s deftly structured and the storytelling is seamless…FAR TO GO appears poised to gain a wide and significant readership, and deservedly so. – The Globe and Mail

Alison Pick brings her award-winning poetic sensibilities to a difficult historical subject…There are lines here perfect in their despair and desolation. The hopelessness and fear is conveyed in typical Pick style—with both a light hand and a punch to the get. Pick successfully hinges together the complex narrative twists with historical records, letters, and fragments of history. –
The Walrus

There’s a lot of very good fiction coming out of Canada at the moment and Alison Pick’s emotionally powerful second novel is up there with the best of it…Pick’s book is never less than psychologically convincing: it deftly conveys both the sense of gathering storm and the denial and self-deceit of those facing it. A potential classic in the making that deserves to be on every reading list. –
Financial Times

[A] fast-paced, suspenseful, moving, and unique tale about one Czechoslovakian family’s experiences on the eve of the Holocaust and the ramifications of those experiences decades later…complex, multi-dimensional, and memorable. –
Winnipeg Free Press

[A] spare, powerful novel…intimate and strangely lovely…It is bewildered six-year-old Pepik, and his harrowing journey, that encapsulates the loss and hope and heartbreak that is the life-blood of this extraordinary story. –
Daily Mail

A poignant work that brims with feeling…compelling…Pick’s gorgeous writing is to be savoured: her prose is enhanced by a poet’s sensibility. She creates a richly imagined, sensuous world where flavours and aromas waft through the pages and every detail is vividly drawn…Ultimately, the aching need to belong emerges as the emotional pulse of this deeply felt novel. –
Quill & Quire

A nuanced and layered portrait of betrayal…What makes this novel special is not so much its storyline as Pick’s challenging, even audacious way of recounting it…compelling and fully realized…An intriguing experiment in the art of storytelling. FAR TO GO explores the ways in which truths and facts can be assembled, reassembled, and jiggled this way and that, like so many fragments of stained glass inside a kaleidoscope. –
Montreal Gazette

[A] multilayered narrative, a tale of betrayals large and small…Pick spins a mesmerizing story, threading the personal with the political, the mysterious with the factual. It’s a page-turner. –
Toronto Star

Alison Pick’s Holocaust novel, FAR TO GO, puts a new spin on moral compromise and, especially, the experience of young children living in Jewish households where the growing terror becomes unbearable…takes the narrative to a new level…fascinating…Weaving Czech history with a contemporary mystery, FAR TO GO shows terrific craft and emotional intelligence. A winner. –
NOW Magazine

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